The Jazzisfaction Big Band

'Artist in Residence' @ GC Den Egger Scherpenheuvel

The Jazzisfaction Big Band was founded in 2000 in Diest (Belgium).

Originally the musicians came from the area around Diest, most of them being connected with music education. It was through their enthusiasm for jazz and big band music that the band was formed.

As a result of working with guest soloists and under the impulse of Jos Moons, the band quickly gained momentum. Meanwhile, the better the band becomes the more attractive it is not only to semi-professional musicians but also more recently to a few professionals.

The Jazzisfaction Big Band (JFB) always brings a beautiful and unique musical evening full of atmosphere. Thanks to its varied repertoire the band is able to present a program suitable for any audience or event.

In the past the band has featured Belgian soloists as well as foreign ones on many occasions. For example,  Peter Van Den Driessche, Bill Smith, Dusko Goykovich, Dany Doriz, Dirk Van der Linden and Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, Kerry Moffit, Gary Smulyan, Brian Clancy, Don Menza, Bert Joris and Denise Jannah have all been guest soloists with the JFB.

Three times (Nov 2011, Sept 2013, Oct 2015) performed the band in the famous Caveau de la Huchette in the center of Paris.

In 2012 JFB achieved honours in the provincial contest of Vlamo (this is the Belgian organization that awards subsidies to non-profit music ensembles) by scoring 93% in the highest category. Several months later JFBB repeated their success with 91% at national level.

In 2015 the band won the trophy of the international competittion of Brielle 'Jerry Van Rooyen'!! And in the competition of Meer they reached the final in the highest category.

In 2016 the Jazzisfaction Big Band won the International Big Band Contest (IBBC) in Meer, The Netherlands. They were chosen from several different top European orchestra's by a distinguished international jury incl. Scott Hamilton & Ack Van Rooijen. Els Artois, the vocalist of the band, was awarded the title of "best soloist" in the “Top Category”.

"The Jazzisfaction Big Band under the direction of Jos Moons performs no nonsense and hard swinging arrangements straight out of the tradition of the great big bands of the past and the present.

Check them out if you haven't already!"

Gary Smulyan

Looking forward to perform with the Jazzisfaction Big Band this coming sunday in 'Het Gasthuis' in Aarschot, Belgium. They're absolutely awesome and at the same time it's great fun to work with them+ their wonderful conductor Jos Moons!"

Denise Jannah